GB U25 Committee 2009 & Purples Match

Dear All,

I am very pleased to have been appointed as the Great Britain Under 25 Bisley Captain for 2009. I am currently putting together a committee, please see below if you are interested. Our dates for the year are here:

25/26th April – Purples Match & Training - Please email me if you are available.
27/28th June – Training Weekend (Provisional)
14th July – Commonwealth Match
17th – 25th July – Imperial Meeting (Various matches included)
October – Ages Match & GB U25 AGM

Treasurer – Manage the accounts and tell us when we really can’t afford things. We’re very keen to keep the costs of shooting as low as possible so Under 25 shooting is accessible to as many people as possible. You will need to be able to add up and not have any previous convictions for embezzlement.

Secretary – Work with the captain on the admin side of things making sure that at no point we’re breaking the law. You will probably need to know how to spell.

Social Secretary × 2 – Organise any social activities we engage in. Examples are the Under 25 BBQ and potentially the Pimm’s Tent/Bullet Ball. You will need to like people.

Communications Officer – Run the website/mailing lists/Facebook etc. A knowledge of computers will be handy and maybe some design skills.

Please email me me if you are interested in any of these roles or ones that you have just made up at dickstearn (@ removed for spambot protection).


Richard Stearn